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Raised Flooring



Tate Access Floors »

  • Raised Floor for both Office Buildings & Computer Rooms in 2 ½” to 48” finish floor heights, under floor Air distribution systems with our Air Highway plenum dividers.
  • High Air Flow perforated panels both standard up to 2800 CFMEA to Directional perforations to 2500 CFM each.
  • A complete offering for underfloor air sealing grommets.  Brushed sealing grommets for any size opening for New Construction or Retro-Fit Applications.

York-Flexsys Underfloor Air Distribution Systems »

  • Passive Round Diffusers
  • Rectangular Diffusers
  • VAV Ducted Diffusers with or without reheat
  • Perimeter Linear Diffusers with 2 pipe and 4 pipe Chilled Water and Hot Water heating

Communications Integrators Inc »

  • Complete Underfloor Electrical and Communication System
  • Plug & Play Connections through a UL Rated System


dp_logo Data Power Technology offers a complete set of “In Stock” raised floor accessories for raised floor systems:

  • Panel Lifters
  • Panel Lifter Wall Brackets
  • Cutout Protective “L” Trim
  • Standard Round Grommets from 2” to 6 ½”
  • Custom Hand Rails, Fascia & Ramp Accessories

We can also provide pick-up and re-delivery of your facilities floor panels for custom cut-outs for new or re-located equipment, complete with installation of our “In Stock” Brushed or Standard Grommets.


    See how the Liebert DSE is changing the game in cooling efficiency.


    Liebert DSE Precision Cooling System, Industry-Leading Efficiency and Reliability

    Increasing the efficiency of your data center cooling infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to decrease your data center utility expense. The Liebert DSE high efficiency precision cooling system from Emerson Network Power combines the industry’s highest efficiency operation – up to 70% more efficient than alternative technologies – with the reliability and local expertise associated with Liebert products.

    • PUE as low as 1.05
    • High capacity models from 80-150kW
    • First ever pumped refrigerant economizer - includes auto mode switching
    • Next generation Liebert iCOM controls

    Delivering 53% more efficiency than ASHRAE 90.1 standard